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First Lab Party of the Fall 2019 Semester

Great first lab party of the new school year! Great opportunity to meet and have fun with all the new members! 

Congrats on the CURA

Congrats to Seth Wilson, Lindsey Olsen, and Adam Taylor on receiving the CURA award! Here are all three of them presenting their posters in April.




Congrats to those who presented at UCUR

Congrats to Lindsey Olsen, Madeline Bursell, Adam Taylor, and Seth Wilson for submitting absracts and being chosen to present at the Utah Conference of Undergraduate Research in february! 


September Field Trip to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

In September we went on a lab field trip to collect caddisflies and other interesting aquatic insects from streams in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. We were able to brave the freezing water and collect many specimens. During one night, we caught adult caddisflies using a black light and a sheet. Great experience. We love field work!

February 3rd Field Trip

Our first field trip was on Saturday, February 3rd 2018. We drove up American Fork Canyon and stopped at several sites along the American Fork River.